Free Life in the UK Practice Test 21

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Nearly 50% of the Ethnic minority population is born in UK

Women do not have the equal opportunity like men in promotions and better paid jobs in Britain.

One in three young people is opting for Higher education after schooling these days.

During last 5 years a decline in political party membership is observed among certain age group of people in UK. Which group is it?

As per traditional myth the Christmas Father comes from ?

With the joining of 10 new members in 2004 and 2 in 2006 total number of member countries of EU is 27.

At an average, women get ___________ less on the hourly rate as compared to men.

All the properties and earnings of a woman belonged to her husband before 1882.

One of the traditions followed by Scotland on New Year’s Eve is

Britain holds the responsibility as a Security Council member of

Which place in UK have seen a decline in population?

At least once in their lifetime young adults in UK have used illegal drugs