Free Life in the UK Practice Test 14

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The Government offers pocket money to children in the form of allowance.

Christians are only allowed to be Life peers

Notes of Scottish and Northern Irish bank is valid all over UK

The Queen has the right to select senior church officers besides selecting Archbishop of Canterbury.

What percentage of discount on Council Tax is offered to independently living person?

Like in the past, Children in the UK do not play outdoors nowadays.

What is the age of teenagers to take A and A/S Level?

Other than Westminster, The Scottish Parliament, has the authority to pass legislation on anything.

Record of People attaining certain age from the given list are maintained in UK? What age is that?

Electoral registers are updated annually.

During which period are government ministers questioned by the MP’s ?

Percentage of Indian descent in the year 2011 was?

Majority of the teenagers of Asian origin still live under parents’ guidance.

License plate need to be displayed by the Mini cabs and taxis.

Traditional lanterns are made with

Mother and toddler groups can be found

Britain is celebrates New Year on 1st January.

On April Fool’s Day up to what time can people troll one another?

There should be a balance in maintaining political reporting

During the Christmas Eve, traditionally, what is the timing for church service?

What is the amount required to be deposited by the candidates who are standing as a member for The Scottish Parliament or The Welsh or Northern Ireland Assemblies?

Break-up of the Soviet Union and fall of the Iron Curtain took place in the year

Major tennis championship held in the UK is known as

Recorded percentage of children and young people in Britain is

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