Free Life in the UK Practice Test 12

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European council was formed in

During election if a candidate does not get majority of votes can he win a constituency on party’s behalf?

Compared to Primary schools secondary schools are not larger

What is the right age for state retirement for men and women?

In the recent years once the Northern Ireland assembly was suspended. Indicate in which year was that?

From the overall current population of African Caribbean, Pakistani, Indian, and Bangladeshi communities 50% are born in Britain itself.

Which organisation among the following can help us compare the qualifications of UK with another country?

Post World War II, the initial immigrants to UK were from

Varieties of remarks are observed from people on varieties of British landscapes.

In England the practice of assessment of school children are not conducted by the Formal method of education.

Betting shops do not allow teenagers under 18 to take up betting.

Existing minimum wage of workers between the ages of 18 and 21 is

Only 2% of UK population affirmed their religion

What is the hourly minimum wage of workers between the age of 16 and 17?

Britain follows constitutional Monarchy because of this the King or the Queen have unrestricted powers.

The earlier Law stating “A woman’s property and her earning will belong to her husband after marriage” has been amended in the year ________.

In case a person is self-employed where should he register himself as a self employed individual?

Is a monarch authorised to express his/her views on the government matters?

In 1982 voting rights were accorded to women making it at par with the age of men.

Dismissal of the Prime Minister can be done by

Normally Christmas presents are usually unwrapped during Easter

The leader of the party who wins the election is known as

Voting ratio for the first time voters are

What is the assessment age of children in England?

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