Free Life in the UK Practice Test 16

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No formal methods are followed in Wales for accessingchildren in school

Which of the following is a compulsory requirement for having an appliance for watching or recording TV programmes?

Religious aspects in UK are signified by Bank holidays

Next to Christianity which religion holds the second largest position?

By what percentage, women earnings are less than that of men?

Under the force of law EU member states do have certain specific rules eg, limitation of working hours for drivers of goods vehicles etc.

In which year was the Anglican Church established?

Which is the official church of UK?

British mainland had encountered a rapid surge of migration due to a terrible famine having occurred in one of the countries named below in mid 1840s. Which country was that?

Sole traders must register with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and follow certain rules on running and naming their business.

How is St. Valentine’s Day celebrated?

Dental treatment is free for pregnant women.

What is the significance of Christmas Day?

During 2011, Pakistani descent had a population of

Ratio in which people of Scotland attend church compared to people of England and Wales is

In which month are elections for the local government councillors held?

People of Northern Ireland speak Welsh

In which year did UK allow immigration to the people of Ireland and West Indies?

It is proven fact that more number of young people are interested in political issues?

Voting right was allowed to women in

UK state schools offer free education to all

Most of the UK residents attend Church on regular basis

Regulations and directives are the main aspects of the EU legislation.

Who is authorized to advice, encourage and warn the government?

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