Free Life in the UK Practice Test 18

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A statistics conducted recently shows that nearly 50% of young adults have used some kind of drugs at least once in life time.

How many constituencies exist in UK for which MP’s are elected for the Parliament?

Who can investigate any serious complaint against police?

The information collected on individuals during census is restored as?

Before general elections Political parties spend lot of money on Political campaigns, TV shows, Radio broadcasts etc.

Engineering firms of which states recruited workers from abroad after 1950s?

Neither Wales nor Scotland, have their own separate language

What is the acronym for PM?

Chicken eggs are consumed on the Easter day

Who among the following is eligible to receive thank you money on Boxing Day, as a token of their service provided during whole of the year?

In which year was Northern Ireland Parliament established?

What percentage of England’s population are estimated to attend the church regularly

The findings of a research work show that most of the people in Britain think that women in Britain shouldn’t work.

As per census of 2001 the population from other descents is

What is the set of written rules called, which governs the construction of making laws and checks the rights and duties of citizens for proper implementation?

Who is the authorised person to express his/her view privately to the Prime Minister during the weekly audience?

According to the census of 2001,what percentage of the population have confirmed to have a religion?

The Queen has full freedom to articulate their political opinions

St. Andrew’s Day is celebrated as the National Day of

Women in UK do not enjoy equal privileges as men

According to the Census of 2001 only 75% of the UK population confirmed to have a religion.

Area wise England is the largest country in Europe

Form one family and community to another, the procedure to move children from their parents vary

Christmas is celebrated on the starting of the New Year.

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