Free Life in the UK Practice Test 10

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Number of smokers is growing by leaps and bounds in Britain

Normally, while they are still at school what type of job the Youngsters go for?

During 1948 UK had extended invitation for immigration to

What percentage of people is religious?

What proportion of youngsters opt for Higher education?

Since 1971 what percentage of population growth is recorded in UK

The reminiscence of the Santa Claus has come from America and Canada.

In UK nearly 25% of children live in a single parent family.

Appointment of Life Peers is done by

National Insurance number should be sent to young people before their

Since 2007 selling of tobacco is prohibited to the children below the age of

Local authorities are responsible for providing planning, environmental health, education, passenger transport, the fire service, social services, libraries, housing etc.

New laws are made by the House of Commons, which is examined by the House of Lords and if necessary passed with suggestions.

From the following which figure would you agree in support of working children in UK?

In which country is St. Patricks Day celebrated on 17th March?

Learner drivers from England, Scotland and Northern Ireland needs to put a L plate on cars and motorcycles during driving

To become eligible for standing as public officer the age required is

Northern Ireland has its own parliament whereas, there is no Assembly in Scotland.

Upcoming spring ushering new life is symbolised by decorated Easter eggs.

Which organisation is responsible for prevention of war and establishment of international peace?

Queen Elizabeth II is enthroned as Queen in the year

What fraction of population has used drugs illegally at least once in a life time.

How many states have adopted the use of euro in 2002?

What is the term used for British system of Government?

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