Free Life in the UK Practice Test 19

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According to the census of 2001, what percentage of the population have confirmed to have a religion?

The second time influx of Jewish migrants was from?

Because of shortage of workers required for reconstruction process the British government encouraged importing workers from other European countries.

As a remembrance on the Mothering Sunday children gift their mothers with

British court does not have any authority to challenge the laws passed by the Parliament

In the UK the King or the Queen is authorised to sack the Prime Minister at any time.

After the World War II, which countries were used as the recruitment centres for recruitment of bus drivers?

Outdoor activities of children are terribly affected because of availability of Home entertainment activities such as TV, video, and computers.

Selling of alcohol is permitted to youngsters of age

During 2001 what percentage of Black Caribbean descent people recorded?

Perusal of electoral register is carried out under supervision.

What percentage of British women are there in the national workforce?

Who is responsible for maintaining safe workplace?

By paying wages lesser than the minimum, employers are violating the law

The responsibility of the local governments is (example):

How often are elections held in Britain?

Who is the current president of the European Council?

In the parliament Leader of the Opposition has right to argue with The Prime Minister on government related issues

Like Christmas, Easter also has become secular.

Formation of European council took place in 1960.

Existence of Father Christmas was based on the folklore of which of the following?

What is the statistics of Indian descent people lived in UK in 2001?

During campaigning for General Election the main parties pay for the TV time

What is the population strength of Pakistanis in the UK?

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