Free Life in the UK Practice Test 17

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Boxing Day refers to

What do couples do under the mistletoe?

When did the European Community become the European Union?

Non UK/Commonwealth citizens will be allowed to have British passports and they will also be allowed right to vote.

Whom among the following, can the Prime Minister appoint?

Nearly three quarters of women do not work in UK

Compulsory testing is not followed for children of 7 and 11 in Wales

Majority of students at the Universities are

A prime minister can be defeated or can be removed from the party if he/she loses in confidence vote of the cabinet.

Remembrance Day is celebrated on

On an average women are paid lesser than men

As per the law established in 1957 who is chosen for lifetime to the House of Lords peers?

Which among the following has organised the European Convention on Human Rights?

Jewish population migrated to Britain during the world war is around

Britain joined European Economic Community in

Playing outdoors is one of the major concerns for children’s safety

Timely introduction of Directives must be followed, the implementation procedure of which lies in the hands of the member state

Are the British population in favour of Britain becoming a republic state?

As per the myth what is the time for visit by the Christmas father on the Christmas night?

In Britain towns, cities and rural areas are administered by the system of local government or councils

Many commonwealth countries have one of the following personalities as Head of the State.

PDSA is a charitable organisation for people who cannot pay a Vet for treatment of their pets in UK.

Post World War II, UN was established which helped prevention of War and restoration of international peace and security.

What is the population of member countries of the Commonwealth?