Free Life in the UK Practice Test 11

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The most significant and influential person of the country is said to be the Prime Minister.

The UK parliament consists of 646 MPs

MPs and MEPs of Assembly are listed in Phone book, Yellow Pages etc.

During 2005 what population size of England lived in UK?

Senior citizen ie, people of the age of 60 and above are eligible to receive free prescription.

What percentage of people in England are of Ethnic minority?

Redundancy payment is dependent upon

What duration of holidays are the youngsters of the age group of 16, eligible including the national holidays.

Most of the textile firms which recruited foreign workers during the 1950’s are in

The emergency numbers that are used to call an ambulance, police or fire brigade are

A survey made on election related issues shows that many youngsters do not cast their votes during election since

Britain has experienced increased influx of immigrants from Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe and the Indian sub-continent since 1980.

Normally for buying a house in England you need to approach a

Globally recognised organisation ‘Scotland Yard’ is

What percentage of youngsters is found to have participated in community activities during the past year?

Any citizen of United Kingdom if willing, is eligible to stand for public service

Normally ‘A’ level courses are started for students of age 16-18 years.

What should be the age for women for claiming their State Pension?

England does not have its own parliament.

Youngster receiving unemployment benefit should join New Deal programme within a duration of

Who are allowed to ask questions during the Question hour?

What is the term used for buying a part of a house or a flat?

What percentage of people in 2011 were Chinese descent?

For what reason are the Christian festivals celebrated?