Free Life in the UK Practice Test 13

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November 11th is celebrated as remembrance Day in memory of those who died in both World Wars and in later conflicts.

If a policy is found to be impractical or against public interest what should be done by the civil servants?

What is the name of the committee called that is formed by senior government ministers?

Horse riding is organised by the Grand National

In which country Welsh language is spoken

By-election takes place under the following situation.

Persons of 17 years of age are allowed to purchasealcohol

In 2011 Chinese descent population was

In Britain it is not mandatory for the King or Queen, to accept decisions of the Cabinet and the Parliament.

What is the minimum age required for entering a betting or gambling club?

These are few issues upon which the Queen exercises her responsibilities. Which are they?

Previously women had more opportunities to study in universities than present days

Other than Good Friday and Christmas how many holidays are there in UK?

Members of the House of Lords are known as

UK has its constitution written in a definite format

Not many children in UK are found to play outdoors as earlier?

Every one living in UK has the right to vote in any elections

Tennis tournament is played in South London, UK. What is name it is renowned as?

What percentage of UK population comprises of ethnic minority group?

Percentage of ethnic minority population in London is approximately 10% of its overall population.

What is the document referred as in which all the list of furniture and fittings of a property is recorded?

In UK people of all age groups enjoy buying tobacco

Electoral registers are updated every year

Education is free for students in the Universities.