Free Life in the UK Practice Test 15

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During the 1950s, there was dire shortage of labour force in UK. To cope up with this UK had send agents to several countries for importing labours. Which countries did they import labours from?

National Day of Wales is also known as

In UK lot of migration took place in the past. What was the basis reason for this?

In most of the families what contribution do women make in housework and childcare?

Theatres are the places where GPs work

What is the percentage of Bangladeshi descents existed in the UK in 2011?

Many different kinds of political issue creates interest among the youngsters. What are they?

Britain is a permanent member in UK Security Council

For studying in primary school how are children encouraged by parents?

The basic necessities of civil services are

In single parenting families what is the percentage of living children comprised of?

In what way is it useful to maintain a Bank account or having a society account when employment?

Who is supposed to have responsibility for holding a dog?

In the past few departmental policies were imposed by civil servants on new ministers. Who suspected this new implementation?

Which year is the next census due to be conducted?

Britain government is exercising strict controls on migration issues and refugee claims in order to prevent unauthorised immigration.

The Council of Europe, also had Britain as one of the members among other founder members.

Who is the next heir to the throne?

Commonwealth is headed by the Prime minister.

Among the total British population Monarchy system is still popular and is given importance.

During 1980s large immigrant movement took place in UK. Which countries were they from?

Distance of Britain is not more than 75 miles from the coast.

While working with vulnerable people it is necessary to have a CRB check.

What is the place where political debate in Britain conducted?