Android and iPhone UK Citizenship Test Apps for Smart Phone Mobiles and Tablets

Our Life in the UK Test is a brand new application in its beta stage just now. This Android and Apple app has been proudly announced by The app is created to make practicing of questions easier for the users of Smartphones that operate on Apple and Android operating systems. Currently only the initial version is being released which will help in introductory tasks only. For the full version of this app, users would need to wait a little more.

The website can be used to practice the app for free on android and apple devices, for as many times as users like and if they wish to test the app before downloading and installing the same on their devices. For any user who uses this new app created by us, is requested to share their feedback and reviews by leaving a feedback on the apps pages on our website. So, why not give a quick hands on to this new yet useful app soon and let others in your circle know about the same. We wish you good luck for your endeavors in life and a happy and satisfying experience with UK tests.

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Life in the UK Test Google Play Store App

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Life in the UK Test Apple App