Free Life in the UK Practice Test 20

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The Queen as an icon of National Unity.

Women of UK achieved their right to divorce their husband in the year

Queen is also a member of the parliament.

Which dialect having influence of old Scottish language is often spoken in the Northern Ireland?

Prime Minister appointed member of House of Lords is also called a

Many new laws restricting the immigration was passed by the British government in 1960

What is the item normally served during the Christmas Dinner?

In order to avoid political persecution in 16th and 18th centurieswhich of the following groups came from France to Britain

Number of members existing in the Northern Ireland Assembly, is

As per the tradition, Church services are held during midnight on the Christmas eve

Which of the following is offered by the parents in UK to their children for doing household chores?

Wales is considered as a separate country with Prince Charles as the King,

What percentage of population in England does attend church regularly?

The House of Commons is also known as

Women are expected to stop working post marriage

Nomination is not permitted to independent candidates whereas the Candidates of the political parties are eligible to be nominated for the Parliament

A survey conducted on the attitudes of young people in England and Wales in 2003 revealed five crucial concerns Britain is facing. These are crime, drugs, racism, war/terrorism and health.

World War I came to an end on the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month in 1918.

What percentage of England’s population does the ethnic minority is comprised of?

Who can delay passage of the new laws?

What percentage of ethnic minorities London area comprises of?

In memory of the dead many people in UK buy an artificial item and have it tagged in their buttonholes. What is the item?

Since 1994 there is steady rise of immigrants seeking political asylum in Britain from Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Indian Sub-continent.

Many libraries are restoring copies of Hansard’s report in addition to the Internet.