UK Citizenship Requirements - Who Can Apply for British Nationality

The United Kingdom encompasses not only imperial power factor but it has also got different territories under its belt in the name of Northern Ireland, Wales, England and Scotland due to which millions of people are interested in gaining the British Citizenship. This country seems to be amazing due to its versatile geography and rich history with global dominance and this is possibly the reason why many Americans like to possess dual nationality at the same time. Since there are different categories of British nationality, laws for the citizenship are often considered complex and very much complicated to get into process however; you will gain essential information about requirements and eligibility conditions to become a British Citizen.

Assess your personality

First of all, the interested individual needs to be more concerned about the present nationality or any relation with the British national. Likewise, people may be

  • British Overseas territories citizens
  • British Protected Person
  • British subject
  • British Overseas citizen

Apart from these, you can also apply for the British citizenship for children under 18 years of age and if you are stateless under different categories. If you have already grasped these fundamentals, continue reading to know the exact requirements.

For naturalized British Citizen

  • 18 years of age
  • Living in UK for last 5 years
  • Living in UK for last 3 years if you are married to a civil partner of British national
  • If your husband, civil partner or wife is working in designated or crown service out of UK, you are also eligible to apply for the naturalized British citizen.

Common eligibility conditions and requirements to become a British Citizen

Given you are already familiar with the different categories of British citizenship, you can easily request for the relevant information from the government or Home Office department. However, there are certain conditions which apply to all interested people or candidates seeking UK citizenship that are mentioned below

  • You can apply if you have crossed or are aged 18 years of age.
  • Intentions of the person should be clear about living in UK.
  • The department will also take your character into your account which must be good and meet the standard requirements. This criterion will be confirmed after performing regular checks with the police records, financial records and criminal records of the individual.
  • Person should be in sound mind which means he or she must be capable of taking decisions in life, with utmost responsibility in context of the UK freedoms and rights.
  • Individual should be also fluent in Scottish Gaelic, Welsh or English languages.
  • Interested candidates will have to take the Life in the UK Test and must crack it to get eligible for the British Citizenship.

Do you want to be naturalized as British Citizenship?

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