Know About What Documents Do You Need for British Citizenship

When you apply for the British Citizenship, the Home Department will also be looking for the documents in support of your nationality, age, domicile and other requirements on ground of which you hope to earn the citizenship. It is also essential for interested candidates and people to go for arranging different types of documents in original, not copies which must be sent through secured post along with the UK citizen application so that it is quickly processed. Of course, the department and the local council will consult you for the missing documents, if any but it is better to know and grasp everything about what documents are required at the time of earning UK citizenship. This section will provide detailed information about the UK citizenship documents which must be chosen that fits relevant to your citizenship category application.

Identity proof documents

Following documents fit best as the evidence of identity of any individual interested in earning the UK citizenship certificate

  • Passport of individual
  • Residence permit
  • Home Office application registration card
  • Nationality identity card
  • Immigration status document
  • Home Office entitlement card
  • Home Office travel document

It should be noted here that the identity proof from the above mentioned options, which you have once used to take the Life in the UK Test must also be supplied to the respective department for the citizenship naturalization process.

Proof for English language and knowledge of UK life

In case, when you want to earn UK citizenship, you must supply one of the following documents

  • Progression certificate from ESOL or English for Speakers of Other Languages which has been carried along with the British citizenship course.
  • A confirmation letter mentioning your commitment to satisfy this language requirement for nationality settlement purpose only;
  • Certificate which mentions that you have successfully passed the British Citizenship Test or Life in the UK Test, which has been duly signed and stamped by test supervisor.

Evidence for lawful residential presence in UK satisfying eligibility condition

If you application is based on residence in this country, you should provide the following document:

  • Passport, or
  • Valid letters from government departments, educational establishments or employers which testify your presence in UK for the required time period.

Proof showing individual free from immigration time restrictions

  • Passport which mentions permission to permanently reside in UK, or
  • Permission to live in UK permanently written in Home Office letter.

Proof for exercising treaty rights in 5 years

  • Letter from employer confirming employment, or
  • P60 tax certificates, or
  • Documents as proof of pension receiving confirmation. or
  • Benefits letter which confirms incapacity benefit or job seekers' allowance claimed.
  • For self-sufficient people

  • Show evidence of funds through bank statements for the required period of qualification
  • Proof for comprehensive sickness insurance cover for your family which includes the individual itself.
  • For students

  • Education establishment letter confirming the course registration and enrollment for qualifying period
  • Comprehensive sickness insurance cover proof for student and residing family members.

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