New Life in the UK Test 2013 (3rd Edition): Know About It

A new handbook has been released by the Home Office on January 28, 2013, which is the updated version of the existing Life in the UK handbook. Named as Life in the United Kingdom: A Guide for New Residents, 3rd Edition handbook.

The Life in the UK test is mandatory in order to earn indefinite settlement in the UK or the British Citizenship. Qualifying the test is a must to send the application form for UK citizenship application.

The new test with effect from 25 March 2013 provides applicants a time of about 8 weeks to learn about the new test.

The test however has similar format of 24 multiple choice questions which must be answered within 45 minutes. A change is that applicants will be tested on every chapter of this new handbook. Meanwhile before March 24, 2013, the questions were asked only from chapters 2-6 of the book's second edition.

The new handbook has more text based on the history and culture followed in UK and helps applicants in better understanding about how life actually would be here. Feedback from readers, users, relevant parties and public played an important role in creating the handbook.

The new handbook does not have any information about the basic things of life in the UK. Also, banal facts and water meters and train timetables have been completely removed from the book by the government here. Information about public transport, job interviews and other things which applicants are believed to be aware about already have also been omitted.

The new handbook has chapters about values and principles people should know and also great achievements made by the place and also the great individuals from the different fields like science, art, sports and culture. Also, information about the legal system in UK, government and democracy, responsibilities and rights of citizens in the UK has been covered in this latest edition.

The creation of the new handbook aims at making applicants better aware bout the genuine life in the Great Britain. Also, check that you understand sections have been retained after every section and a glossary still remains. The new handbook might make it a little difficult in preparing for the test which can only be learned about the pass rates in the future test conducted for life in the UK.

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