Online Websites and Your UK Citizenship Preparation

For aspiring people or candidates who want to appear for the British Citizenship or Life in the UK Test, internet will provide sufficient information, handouts and practice questions that guide them to pass the test. It should be noted here that UK Citizenship Test is not only essential for getting the British Citizenship but will be also mandatory for gaining permanent residence in the country. There are several online websites that will cater to your test practice needs and priorities without negotiating with the quality, variety and standard of the test questions which are completely based on the latest Life in the United Kingdom - A Guide for New Residents - 3rd Edition, the official handbook for the citizenship test.

Introduction about websites for practicing UK citizenship test questions online

When it comes to the search of online websites which potentially have got practice tests and sample questions, you should feel free to Google it which provides plenty of names. Of course, each of the websites will offer different types of test facilities, simulation patterns and charging rates for the candidates however; you should work hard to get through the official handbook. Since the UK Citizenship Test will be conducted online through computers, you must be proficient in computer uses and English language. There are a few prominent online portals that have carved out their own niche in this field of providing comprehensive and complete sample papers for the UK Citizenship Test thus; newcomers and even experienced people should get acquainted with these websites and start practicing instantly.


Free service providing websites vs. Paid services

There is no denying the fact that websites will have mainly two types of practice test papers for UK Citizenship Test - free and paid ones. Both are intended towards the same purpose i.e. getting the customers passed in the test but their strategies and preparation strategies are different. There must be a clear bifurcation between the merits and positives of free and paid service providers so that candidates are not confused while selecting the best online websites for practicing the UK Citizenship Test.

Free service providing websites will offer you facilities like -

  • Test papers will be based on official handout.
  • Excellent customization for the selection of test topics and subjects.
  • Provision of selecting most typical and complicated questionnaire.
  • Chapter-wise preparation strategy
  • Easy navigation with comfortable and quick accessibility
  • Thousands of test questions from different fields
  • Personalized test history

On the other hand, paid services will be well equipped with following features -

  • Superb combination of practice test papers with simulation feature
  • Giving due respect to official format of UK Citizenship Test
  • Audio formats of handbook available for MP3 players and iPod
  • Safe and protected payment gateway
  • Chapter tests and simulation tests - unlimited
  • Online access to practice test papers - unlimited
  • Some of the reputed paid services will also respect your native language thus; will offer you with excellent translation tools in more than 50 different languages.
  • Customization of the test chapters and topics including sub-topics
  • Satisfaction is always guaranteed.
  • Reviews for test paper answers

Advantages of online websites for UK Citizenship Test

  • Regular updates to the sample and simulation test papers
  • Getting in touch with the recent changes in test guidelines, format, patterns and syllabus.
  • Websites fully optimized for use through desktop, tablets, laptops and smartphone users
  • Prompt and reliable customer service and response to your queries
  • Anytime accessibility with user-friendly navigation

Disadvantages of online websites for UK Citizenship Test

  • User should be accustomed to computer and internet use
  • Required proficiency in English
  • Poor time administration in online tests
  • Problems in planning the effective and most suitable testing strategies for old 'pencil and paper' candidates.

Are these (online websites) provide the useful sample questions, which are lead to pass the test

This question often arises out of the candidate groups and internet surfers for citizenship tests because different native fields like geography, society, laws and history of the nation are to be covered in the sample question sets. It is not always possible for the online websites to carry the exact or more prominent questions that are required to pass the test. In other words, you cannot rely completely on the online websites for practicing test papers and planning the best out of your skills. Additional labor and practice on off-net basis should be done by candidates although online test patterns and sample papers for UK Citizenship Test is really successful in the recent past few years.

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