UK Citizenship Through Registration Process

People falling under several categories are eligible to apply for the British Citizenship Registration process which is generally assumed simpler than the naturalization process. Of course, you will get little variations in different categories when it comes to essential documents, application form and eligibility criteria.

British Nationals

People who are British Nationals can apply from the citizenship registration if they are:

  • British Overseas Citizen
  • British Subject
  • British Overseas Territories Citizen
  • British Protected Person

In tandem with the above criteria, you should file BOTA form or BOS form for citizenship registration process depending on whether you have got nationality of any other country or not, respectively.

British Mother before 1983

If you took birth from a British mother prior to 1983, you can apply through UKM application form depending on different eligibility criteria.

  • If you have acquired citizenship of UK or its colonies.
  • If your birth date is prior to 1983
  • If you had got the right to abode in the UK in 1983 and;
  • If you possess good morale and character.

Born in UK or Child under 18 years of age

For children who have not attained 18 years of age but born in UK after 1983, a different application form for T category should be applied for registration process. For this, you must have lived in UK for 10 years without spending time not over than 90 days outside of UK.

Hong Kong Act 1997

EM application form is best for those people who usually are best suited to British Nationality Hong Kong Act 1997. However, you will have to proof here that you are an ordinarily resident of Hong Kong with the help of residence proof, at the time of submitting application for citizenship registration. Also, you should verify that you are not borne to Chinese ethnic origin.

British Overseas Territories Citizen Gibraltar

People having connection to Gibraltar can also apply for the British citizenship through G application form if you had been born or naturalized or registered as a British citizen.

Renounced British citizens

There is a different procedure for applying to the registration process of UK citizenship if you have already renounced the UK citizenship or its colonies or British Overseas Territory. It should be noted here that given up citizenship will never affect your family however; it can trouble if you have children. RS application form can be filled up to apply for a new registration of UK citizenship if you belong to given up citizen category for UK.

Eligibility conditions and criteria may differ on what you really want either to reclaim the citizenship of UK or UK Overseas Territory!

Summary: -It needs to be mentioned that gaining UK citizenship through registration process will require the person to file the most appropriate application form, best suited to his or her category. Moreover, the applicant should be mentally in sound state and of good character so that registration becomes convenient and error-free.

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