Guidelines and Advises on Filling British Citizenship Application Form

Look for Nationality Checking Service authorities to fill-up applications forms for naturalization process with competence and no delay

Filling-up the application for acquiring the UK citizenship should be done with extreme caution and utmost sincerity to avoid future hurdles or delay. It must be ensured that the applicant has entered correct credentials regarding the name, place, the country and date of birth in the application form. These entries should be written in block letters, either in black or blue ink because these credentials would be mentioned on the required certificate. None of the British passports and British Citizenship will be released if you commit a single mistake while filling-up the details or violate the norms.

Candidates for the UK citizenship should further ensure that everything entered is correct to the best of their knowledge because providing false or fake information can be treated as a criminal offense. For avoiding such mistakes, you may also take help from any competent advisor or expert solicitor.

Note: - Get on to OISC and Immigration Advice box to learn more about the competent advisors, which has been provided in this guide at Page 5.

Nationality Checking Service also provides a quick and efficient medium to apply for the British Citizenship through naturalization process, which will be personally made at local Register Office. This very service has been introduced by the local UK authorities to help interested people fill-up the forms correctly and check whether they have deposited correct fee amount for which you will be minimally charged. The local authorities will also support you in making true copies by certifying the documents in person while returning back the original copies to you.

It should be further noted here that no other help or support will be provided by the Nationality Checking Service authorities at other stages like verification or application consideration other than initial point of entering the details, as they are legally registered with the Office of Immigration Services Commissioner.

You may check for the nearby availability of National Checking Service at local Register Office or on You should feel free to contact any Nationality Checking Service authority, irrespective of the areas concerned.

Since the process of naturalization is quite simple to obtain UK citizenship, you can fill-up the application form directly as per the guidelines and conditions provided in this guide without seeking any support from the local authorities. Also, you must satisfy all the eligibility requirements mentioned in Booklet AN.

All the information mentioned and detailed in the application form can be disclosed to Security Service, Police Departments, agencies, local authorities and Government Departments for the sake of national interests otherwise; it will be kept confidential.

Summary: Taking help from the local Nationality Checking Service authorities in filling-up the naturalization application forms is suggested for better, error-free and genuine process however; you can also fill it given you satisfy all the citizenship requirements.

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