Life in the UK Test 3rd Edition Practice 9

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Which religion is historically associated with the population of UK?

What is the name of the director of the British movie, The Belles of St Trinian’s, in 1954?

Britain’s first woman Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, was born in

In the Citizenship Survey of 2009 what was the percentage of people claimed to have no religion?

Most people of the Bronze Age excelled in

Who is The Patron Saint of Scotland?

Constituencies with scanty voters are known as

Huguenots were the followers of the religion

What is the name of the city designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens in the 20th century that houses the Government in India?

In which year out of the following the UK did NOT host Olympic Games?

The system of land ownership, Feudalism, was utilised by the

In Scotland which sport is linked with St Andrews?

In which year The Act of Union was finalized?

Which of the following is not included in the traditional recipe of Haggis?

Who is the author of the book Pride and Prejudice?

Halloweens lanterns is made with

Sherlock Holmes the world famous detective, was created by

Number of countries comprising The United Nations (UN) is

In the university female students are found to outnumber male students

Income tax need not to be paid on

In the House of Commons what is the term used for the party with the second largest majority

What is the sport played at the Royal Ascot?

Which of the following metals is produced with the help of Bessemer process?

Which of these games was hosted in London in 2012?

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