Life in the UK Test 3rd Edition Practice 10

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Refugees who entered Great Britain between 1680 and 1720 are termed as

The ship ‘HMS Victory’ that was used by Admiral Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar, is presently preserved at

Britain’s recognition of the independence of ‘American colonies’ took place in the year

Mrs. Margaret Thatcher, Britain’s first woman Prime Minister, was first elected as a Conservative MP. In which year was that?

What is the name of the birthplace of William Shakespeare?

Which is the term more popularly used for The Middle Ages?

A monument is built at the Trafalgar Square, London in memory of an Admiral who lost his life in the sea while fighting for England in 1805. What was the name of the Admiral?

Which of the following committees do not have The UK as a member?

Which of the following did the Normans use for recording details of ownership of land and livestock across England?

Of the following sports which one is considered to be the home sports of St Andrews in Scotland?

When did Winston Churchill join the Parliament?

Who invented Television?

In which British city ‘The Royal Crescent’ is located?

What is the age group covered in The National Citizen Service programme?

What is the Minimum age for buying a lottery ticket in The United Kingdom?

What percentage of total population of the UK does Northern Ireland constitute?

The person who makes sure that Rules and orders are maintained in the House of Commons during political debates is known as

The popular term used for public houses is

In the Citizenship Survey of 2009 what is the percentage of people claimed they were Hindus?

In Scotland which of the following acts is better known as The Act of Union of 1707?

In which year did Queen Victoria became the Queen of United Kingdom?

Who was Henry Purcell?

Who defeated The Vikings?

Name the flower that is often linked with Wales

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