Life in the UK Test 3rd Edition Practice 13

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What is the maximum penalty amount for watching TV without having a TV licence?

The statue of Boudicca is located in

Which disease was accorded the term ‘The term Black Death’?

Ireland is not included in ‘Great Britain’

This is NOT considered a basic tenet of British life. What is it?

Who decides legal verdict on lesser crimes?

Which one among the following is a part of the British Overseas Territories?

First influx of Christian communities in Britain dates back to

The 6th of June 1944 on which ‘The allied forces’ landed in Normandy came to be known as?

Which of the following societies evolved during the reign of Charles II?

In which of these cities St.Paul’s Cathedral is located?

The term ‘Black Death’ was associated with the disease

Which was the most popular profession during the Iron Age?

Usage of the Stonehenge in ancient times was probably for the purpose of

Britain’s original settlers were

Which of the following does NOT come under the purview criminal law?

Under whose leadership did the Romans invade Britain in 55 BC?

Queen Elizabeth I was a

During the Bronze Age the typical structure of houses were

Legal system on disputes between landlords and tenants over issues such as repairs and eviction are addressed under the law

New Year in Scotland is also known as

When did the Roman army finally leave Britain?

The Isle of Man is included in ‘Crown Dependencies’

Who is the author of Pride and Prejudice?