Life in the UK Test 3rd Edition Practice 3

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What is Wimbledon Championships?

By law, radio and television coverage of the political parties must be ________ and so equal time has to be given to rival viewpoints.

What is the capital city of Wales ?

What is a Bank Holiday?

What is the National flower of Wales?

What is the minimum age for driving a car or motor cycle in the UK?

What is the minimum age to be able to drink alcohol with a meal in a hotel or restaurant?

Who is the author of the Book Pride and Prejudice?

______ means all the judges in a country.

A good way to support your local community is

When is St Patrick’s Day celebrated in Northern Ireland?

The Prime Minister appoints about ______ senior MPs to become ministers in charge of departments.

Does the British government have a written constitution ?

What is Skara Brae?

Who led the group of scientists who were the first to "Split The Atom" ?

The name or photographs of an accused young person cannot be published in newspapers or used by the media.

What is the name of the Prime Minister's country house?

The Giant's Causeway was formed about ______ years ago.

Which of the following is a public holiday?

Elections for the European Parliament are held every ______ years.

Who is the person responsible for crime, policing and immigration?

Who is the person responsible for the country’s Economy?

Some of the principles included in the European Convention on Human Rights are

Which of the following statements are correct?