Life in the UK Test 3rd Edition Practice 3

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Who is the person responsible for the country’s Economy?

What is the other name by which ‘Act of Union of 1707’ better known as in the UK?

Since which period people claiming to be Christians started surfacing in Britain?

What is the minimum age for driving a commercial vehicle in the UK?

As a mark of Gratitude to whom in the UK one should convey ‘THANKS’ on Boxing Day?

Which of the following statements are correct?

When is St Patrick’s Day celebrated in Northern Ireland?

Vaisakhi is a festival celebrated in the UK. Which community people are the believers of this festival?

What is the National flower of Wales?

What is the name of the World famous 19th Century personality, spent most of his life time in Britain, often called as the Father of Economics and also known as revolutionary advocate of communism?

In what connection National Insurance is associated with the citizens of the UK?

Which of these cities is not a famous industrial town of UK?

What is the name of the British Physicist and Mathematician who worked on 'Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy' ?

When did the Indian born British Economist Sir Amartya Sen receive the ‘Nobel Memorial Prize’ in Economic Sciences?

Is the statement below TRUE or FALSE.

International Security Assistance Force is an organization, which is developing Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) to facilitate a safe and secure environment in Afghanistan so that the country’s atmosphere can be directed towards development.

Who is the author of the Book Pride and Prejudice?

What is Skara Brae?

What is the duration of the Hanukkah festival?

Which of these two persons are notable Poets of Britain.

In which year of this Century, assembly of Northern Ireland was suspended?

In the UK what percentage of population are fair complexioned?

Which TWO cities are the most famous Industrial towns of the UK?

What is the name of the place where one should Register himself, if he is a Businessman or a self employed individual?

What was the approximate death toll caused due to the Great Potato Famine of Ireland?

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