Life in the UK Test 3rd Edition Practice 6

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Money raised from Income Tax pays for government services such as

People can apply to join the civil service through an application process, like other jobs in the UK.

In the 2009 Citizenship Survey, 21% of people said that they had no religion.

The Northern Ireland Assembly can make decisions on issues such as:

The present voting age of 18 was set in

What is the Shadow Cabinet?

__________ is a group of European and North American countries that have agreed to help each other if they come under attack.

How many members does a Jury have in Scotland?

What bird is traditionally eaten on Christmas Day?

The English Parliament developed naturally out of the daily political needs of the English King and his government, particularly when the King _______.

Who had a great influence on the English language and invented many words that are still common today?

Adult citizens of other EU states who are resident in the UK can vote in all elections except General Elections.

Who used a system of land ownership known as feudalism?

Who was the first person to sail single-handed around the world, in 1966/67 ?

Small claims can also be issued online through Money Claims Online.

Who is Head of the Commonwealth?

You must treat everyone equally, regardless of sex, race, age, religion, disability, class or sexual orientation.

The most famous competition is the Ashes, which is a series of Test matches played between ________.

Is the statement TRUE or FALSE?

To be able to vote in a parliamentary, local or European election, you must register and your name must be on the electoral register.

It is an offence not to have an MOT certificate if your vehicle is more than ______ years old.

The London Eye is situated on the southern bank of the River ______.

Arranged marriages, where both parties agree to the marriage, are acceptable in the UK.

In which year voting age of men and women were brought down to 18?

Who is patron saint of England ?