Life in the UK Test 3rd Edition Practice 6

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In which year voting age of men and women were brought down to 18?

In which year did UK face the last HUNG PARLIAMENT?

What was the name of the Act that had the role in making of the UK?

What was the approximate figure of casualties on the very first day of the Battle of Somme fought in 1916?

Is the statement TRUE or FALSE?

The English that is spoken in the UK has influence of Norman French in it.

How many Prime Ministers were there during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II?

Who are the TWO kings defeated the British Army during their battles in India?

Which year is expected to have the next Census of the UK?

Who is the Chairman of National Security Council?

What percentage of population in the UK claim to maintain a religion?

What was the other name of the invaders ‘Norse’?

Why is April 23rd remembered as St George’s Day?

Which is the ODD man OUT from the following given options?

Historically from which period Middle Age started?

Where in the UK is the largest Zoological Garden located?

Which is the largest Sea Port in Northern Ireland?

Overall how many Gold medals were won by the UK in the 2012 Olympics held at London?

Which TWO statements are correct?

Who is Head of the Commonwealth?

In which year was the Meteorological Office established in Britain?

What is the average maximum temperature recorded in UK during the Summer?

Which of the following statements is correct?

Which of the TWO poets are British?

Is the statement TRUE or FALSE?

During shortage of workers in any sector of Industry the UK government allows import of labors from other European Countries.

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