Life in the UK Test 3rd Edition Practice 7

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Out of the following which country did not gain its independence from the British in 1947?

Laws that are made by the EU are also referred as

Certain London buildings of the 19th century, for example: House of Parliament and St Pancras Station, follow typical architectural style. Which architectural style are these associated with?

Who were called Picts?

Who wrote ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’?

By which of the following river is the London Eye located?

Which expertise out of the following did the Romans bestow on Britain during their rule?

The frequency with which the electoral register is updated?

In the UK the traditional pub game is

Number of crosses in the Union Flag is?

Term Magna Carta is used to mean

United Kingdom flag created in 1801 is popularly known as

Sherlock Holmes, the fictional detective was created by

5th November is renowned as

In UK which of these licence is necessary for watching TV, computer or any other medium that can be used for watching TV?

When was the ‘Forced Marriage Protection’ Orders introduced in England, Wales and Northern Ireland?

The festival Hanukkah lasts for

Among the following which option is not a requirement for becoming a permanent resident or citizen of the UK?

Remembrance Day is closely associated with a flower in this list. Which flower is it?

The number of countries that are member in the Council of Europe is

In the 11th century what was the name of the English ruled area around Dublin- Ireland?

Out of the following statement which one does NOT apply to The United Nations?

Roald Dahl is renowned for?

Which was the most popular occupation of the Iron Age?

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