Life in the UK Test 3rd Edition Practice 12

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Usage of the Stonehenge in ancient times was probably for the purpose of

In 1658 after the death of Oliver Cromwell his son succeeded him as

Where in UK is The Eden Project located?

Christian communities arrived in Britain during

Giant’s Causeway is found in?

The Bill of Rights that was introduced in 1689 was to establish the rights of the

Sir Isaac Newton was born in

Which one of the following book is not authored by Graham Greene?

Legally which of these drugs can be sold in the UK?

To keep away Picts (ancestors of the Scottish people) a wall was built in the north of England. Which Roman Emperor built it?

Approximately how many years ago was ‘The Giant's Causeway’ created?

Julius Caesar invaded Britain in

Church of England was established by the King

When did the UK become a member of the European Economic Community (EEC)?

By-elections are held

Which play writer is considered to be most influential, the influence and inventions of whom is still observed in the English language?

What was the most important principles of ‘The Enlightenment’

Origin of Presbyterian Churches can be traced to

Maiden Castle is located in

Under whose command the ship ‘The Golden Hind’ circumnavigated the world?

The ATM (ie,cash-dispensing machine) or ‘cashpoint’ was invented by

‘The Enlightenment’ was supported by

Carrying a gun for personal safety is permitted

Who was Robert Burns?