Life in the UK Test 3rd Edition Practice 5

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According to Citizenship survey of 2009 what percentage of people in the UK are found as Hindus?

Is the statement True or False?

David Cameron is the present Prime Minister of the UK since 2011. He replaced Gordon Brown who was the Leader of the Conservative party.

The 100 years War between France and Britain were actually fought for how many years?

How long is it that the world famous BIG BEN is adorning the city of LONDON?

Which is one of the PLAYS written by William Shakespeare?

Who was the First Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland and Ireland.

What is the sea between the Ireland and the main land of the UK?

Which religion were followed / practiced by the Huguenots?

What is the name of the place termed as the ‘Home of Golf’ in Scotland?

The UK crowned Queen Victoria as its Queen in the year of ?

What is the name of the Englishman who designed the First Navigable Submarine?

Where in the UK is the Giant’s Causeway situated?

Is the statement TRUE or FALSE?

In England structures built for living during the Bronze Age were normally of Round shape?

What is the distance between the North and the South extreme points of the UK?

Which TWO of the following statements are correct?

For how long did Queen Elizabeth I rule England?

In which period the Romans invade Britain and for how long did they rule in Britain?

What was the name of the record book where the Normans used to maintain the names and of person, Land owners, their Live stock etc.

Is the statement TRUE or FALSE?

Restoration and maintenance of all the Heritage structures and Buildings are done by THE NATIONAL TRUST.

What connection is the landmark invention Bessemer Process have in the modern world?

What is the name of the person who saved a Princess from the mouth of a Dragon and also killed it, after whose name a day has been earmarked in the UK?

Which TWO of the following are correct?

Who were the rivals in the Battle of Agincourt?

Who is the husband of Queen Elizabeth II?

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