Life in the UK Test 3rd Edition Practice 5

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If police officers are corrupt or misuse their authority they are severely punished.

Bonfire Night occasion is celebrated on ______.

There are ______ who are specialists in particular areas, and their knowledge is useful in making and checking laws.

In the 2009 Citizenship Survey, ______ of people identified themselves as Muslim.

Where is St Patrick's Day celebrated on 17th March?

England has ______ flower associated with it and sometimes worn on national saints' day.

An international organisation working to prevent war and maintain peace is

Boudicca was one of the tribal leaders who

The "Hundred Years War" between France and Britain were actually fought for how many years?

The House of Commons is more powerful than The House of Lords.

The UK crowned Queen Victoria as its Queen in the year of ?

The clock tower is named _________ in honour of Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012.

Which TWO of the following are correct?

What is the name of the place termed as the ‘Home of Golf’ in Scotland?

The Normans used a system of land ownership known as

Is the statement True or False?

You can volunteer with the police, and become a special constable or a lay (non-police) representative.

Where in the UK is the Giant’s Causeway situated?

One of the most famous battles of the Hundred Years War was

Is the statement TRUE or FALSE?

In England structures built for living during the Bronze Age were normally of Round shape?

Queen Victoria introduced the Victoria Cross Medal during the ______

The Prime Minister is

How long did the Romans stay in Britain ?

What type of government does the UK have?

Which religion were followed / practiced by the Huguenots?