Life in the UK Test 3rd Edition Practice 15

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Name the two fighter planes that were used by RAF during the battle of Britain?

Who lives in 10 Downing Street?

Among the following what did Romans develop during their rule in Britain?

Which of these sports is least followed in the UK?

From where did the first farmers in Britain come from?

Which of the following is associated with the Elizabethan period in England?

Who is the author of Canterbury Tales?

Who established the Church of England?

Who is the author of "Lucky Jim"?

Where did the jutes one of the tribes that invaded Britain originate from

How many crosses does the union flag have?

Wales was never under Anglo-Saxon rule. TRUE or FALSE?

What are the open hours of a polling station on an election day?

Who formally setup the first anti-slavery groups of late 1700s?

The English translation of the Latin word "Magna-Carta" is:

What was the popular term for refugees who entered Britain between 1680 and 1720?

Which of the following country did not get independence from British rule in the year 1947?

Diwali is the

It is legal to carry a weapon for safety reasons

Who was the commander in charge of the Golden Hind, one of the first ships to sail around the world?

Queen Elizabeth II celebrated Diamond Jubilee in 2012 for how many years of her accession as Queen?

Where did the "Boer War" take place?

Which of these is considered to be the Romans biggest contribution during their reign over Britain?

Who were the Picts?