2022 Free Practice Test 6

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When did George I become king of Great Britain and Ireland?

Who opened the first curry house in Britain?

Until the 18th century the UK was mainly agricultural. True or False?

Trading and settlements overseas brought Britain into conflict with_____

Who developed machinery to make the textile industry more efficient?

At the time of the Industrial Revolution, working conditions were very poor. Adults and children were often forced to work long hours in dangerous situations.

Who introduced ‘shampooing’ the Indian art of head massage to Britain?

Where was Charles Edward Stuart defeated by George II’s army?

When did king become a constitutional monarch?

Who was the first prime minister of Great Britain?

When was the Enlightenment occurred?

Identify the TRUE statement regarding Industrial Revolution.

When was the act of union passed?

When was Charles Edward Stuart defeated by George II’s army?

At the time of the Industrial Revolution, Britain’s colonies expanded in Australia, Canada and southern Africa.

Robert Burns was a ________

When was the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Created?

______, it became illegal to trade slaves in British ships or from British ports.

The Act of Union also know as

What brought new ideas in politics, philosophy and science?

Who chose George I, a German, to be king in 1714.

From _______, newspapers were allowed to operate without a government licence.

Who succeeded in turning public opinion against the slave trade?

When did the Emancipation Act abolish slavery throughout the British Empire?