2016 Free Practice Test 5

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When was Elizabeth I Died?

Who became lord protector of England?

Who led a Scottish army into England but was defeated by Cromwell?

When did Oliver Cromwell Die?

When did The Habeas Corpus Act become law?

Who became king of England after Charles II?

When was Charles I Executed?

When was the bill of rights passed in England?

When did William arrive in England on the invitation of important Protestants?

When did England become a republic called the Commonwealth?

When did Charles II die?

James I and his son Charles I were less successful than Elizabeth I in managing Parliament. True or False?

Who became King of England, Wales and Ireland after Elizabeth I?

When was Charles II crowned king of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland?

Who was married to William of Orange, the Protestant ruler of the Netherlands?

When did the Church of England again become the official Church of England?

Who became Lord Protector after Oliver Cromwell?

When was the Royal Society founded?

When was the restoration of the monarchy happened?

Habeas Corpus is Latin for ‘you must present the person in court’. True or False?

Who was sent to Ireland to establish the authority of the English Parliament?

When was Isaac Newton Born?

Identify the True Statement regarding Habeas Corpus Act

During which reigns many Irish people were opposed rule from England

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