2020 Free Practice Test 1

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Who built houses, tombs and monuments such as Stonehenge in Wiltshire?

Who lived in roundhouses and started to gather together in villages?

What was the language of the Iron Age People?

What is the best preserved prehistoric village in northern Europe?

The Romans invaded Britain in _____

When were Anglo-Saxon kingdoms established in Britain?

When did the first farmers arrive in Britain?

Who never succeeded in conquering all of Scotland?

Who was the queen of the Iceni?

When was the Roman army left from Britain?

Who had made ornaments and weapons with bronze and gold?

When did the people learn how to make weapons and tools out of iron?

Who made many beautiful objects in bronze and gold?

When did the first Christian communities begin to appear in Britain?

Who fought against the Romans?

The Anglo-Saxons were not Christians. True or False?

Who spoke a type of Celtic language that is related to Welsh and Gaelic?

Who was the first person in England to print books using a printing press?

When did people learn to make Bronze?

How long were the Romans in Britain?

Who made the first coins in Britain?

Britain was invaded by the Jutes, Angles and Saxons after Roman army left in AD 410 True or False?

Where is the statue of Boudicca?

The Romans invaded Britain in AD 43 and remained for _________