2016 Free Practice Test 8

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When did BBC start radio broadcasts?

When was a peace treaty signed with Ireland?

When did the government repeal the Corn Laws?

Who was one of the leading campaigners of the women’s suffrage movement?

When was The Victoria Cross introduced by Queen Victoria?

Which war was the first to be covered extensively by the media?

When did BBC start regular television service?

When a woman got married, all her property belonged to her husband. Acts of Parliament in 1870 and 1882 changed this.

Who came to power in Germany in 1933?

In 1928 women were given the right to vote at the age of ________

Which Palace was made with steel and glass?

In the Crimean War Britain fought with Turkey and France against ______

When did Ireland become two countries?

When did the British government promise ‘Home Rule’ for Ireland?

Identify the TRUE statement regarding “Crimean War”

When did the ‘Great Depression’ affect the world?

The First World War broke out after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, but many other factors were involved.

“In 1922 Ireland became two countries” Which is the true statement?

When did Adolf Hitler come to power in Germany?

The British attack on the Somme in July 1916, resulted in about 60,000 British casualties on the first day alone.

Who wrote books and poems reflecting the strengths of the Empire?

When were women given the right to vote at the age of 21?

The women’s suffrage movement campaigned for ______.

The First World War ended at ___________

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