2016 Free Practice Test 2

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Identify the TRUE statement

Whose attacks encouraged the people to unite under one king, Kenneth MacAlpin?

When was King John forced by his noblemen to agree to the Magna Carta?

After the Battle of Hastings, who became king of England?

Who was the Saxon king of England at the Battle of Hastings?

When did the Vikings first visit Britain?

When did Battle of Hastings Happen?

What is first Archbishop of Canterbury?

Who fought in the Hundred Years War?

Did Harold kill in the Battle of Hastings?

Where were the Vikings From?

The origins of the UK Parliament are in the Middle Ages. True or False?

______of the population of England died from a form of plague.

A national culture and identity started to develop in the Middle Ages.

Where the Vikings were settled and formed their own communities

Who was the first Danish king to rule England?

When did Black Death happen?

Who defeated the Vikings in England?

When was the English left France?

Who was agreed to the Magna Carta in 1215?

Who wrote a series of poems in English about a group of people going to Canterbury on a pilgrimage?

The Vikings, from Denmark and Norway, first visited Britain in AD 789 to raid coastal towns and take away goods and slaves. True of False?

Who defeated Harold In 1066?

English had become the preferred language of the royal court and Parliament by_________.

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