Life in the UK Test 3rd Edition Practice 19

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Who directed the movie, ‘The 39 Steps’ in 1935?

Against which country Britain fought the Crimean War?

What is the minimum age for Jury service?

The first person to use a printing press for printing banknotes in England was William Caxton.

Which of the following societies was formed during the reign of Charles II?

The Second largest party in the House of Commons is more popularly known as:

Which of the following bridges was built by Isambard Kingdom Brunel?

There was a huge influx of refugees in the UK in 1970. Which country did they come from?

What was the reason for which The Harrier Jump Jet was unique?

Name the country that was not an original signatory to the Treaty of Rome which created the European Economic Community (EEC)?

Constituencies controlled by a rich patron is described by the term:

In UK which of these licence is necessary for watching TV, computer or any other medium that can be used for watching TV?

Who was the Director of the Belles of St Trinian’s in 1954?

Sir William Beveridge, in his ‘The Beveridge Report of 1942’ provided the basis for

In which country was Charles II living at the time when he was invited by the Parliament to return to England in 1660?

Among the following courts where are the Minor criminal cases decided in England, Wales and Northern Ireland?

Robert Burns the poet was associated with

Mapping the coast of Australia during the industrial revolution was done by

Which religion has been dominant in the UK historically?

Number of Olympic gold medals won by the Scottish cyclist, Sir Chris Hoy is:

Approximately how many years ago the usage of Bronze was first recorded?

‘The Canterbury Tales’ is written by

Queen Elizabeth-I was a

Debates held in the House of Commons is chaired by: