Life in the UK Test 3rd Edition Practice 18

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Percentage of workforce constituting women is:

Margaret Thatcher, the first woman Prime Minister of Britain, was elected to join the Parliament of United Kingdom. In which year was she elected?

Where is Skara Brae located?

What is the term used for Public houses?

Snowdonia is the name of:

Name the item that is NOT required when preparing Haggis?

Margaret Thatcher the first woman Prime Minister of Britain was born in:

Which Roman Emperor constructed a wall on the north of England to bar entry to the Picts (ancestors of the Scottish people)?

How many countries are there in the United Nations (UN)?

Name of the plant used as a symbol of Northern Ireland?

In which year Olympic Game was NOT held in the UK?

When did Winston Churchill join the Parliament?

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of the Sherlock Holmes had another profession. What was that?

St. Paul’s Cathedral is located in

House of Lords discontinued automatic membership for hereditary peers. In which year was that?

Name the first Briton to win the ‘Tour de France’ was

Name the creator of the famous fictional detective Sherlock Holmes?

Among the following elements, which is NOT a part of the British Constitution?

In the Citizenship Survey of 2009 percentage of people claimed to be Muslim is:

How long did the Romans rule Britain?

How many American colonies declared independence from Britain in 1776?

The Romans never succeeded in conquering all of Scotland.

In the Citizenship Survey of 2009 what was the percentage of people found to be calling themselves Christian.

What is period of 40 days known as just preceding Easter.