2016 Free Practice Test 17

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From below who have won the Nobel Prize in Literature?

The Turner Prize is given for ________.

Man Booker Prize is given in the field of

When did the first Olympics hold in the UK?

Who designed Art Deco Ceramics?

Who won the Man Booker Prize?

When was Laurence Olivier born?

There are many theatres in London’s West End.

Who was famous for Shakespearean Roles?

When did Capability Brown create landscaped gardens around country houses?

Where is the National Gallery located?

Who designed furniture in the 18th century?

‘The Fringe’ is part of which festival

Where is the National Gallery of Scotland located?

Where are Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre?

Which Festival is held every summer?

What prize is given for the best album from the UK and Ireland?

Who was a famous 20th-century interior designer?

Where is Wimbledon Tennis Championship held?

Who created landscaped gardens around country houses in the 18th century?

What is one of the most prestigious awards in Europe?

Where is the Scottish Grand National?

Where is the National Museum located?

Where is Tate Modern located?

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