Values and principles one should learn to live in Britain

If you wish to become a permanent citizen of the UK, you would require understanding and learning the values and principles of the country. Britain known for its vibrant nature and dynamic lifestyle is always welcoming to include people who are ready to bring about a positive change in the society.

UK citizenship test is an easy gateway to acquiring the citizenship of this amazing country, but preparation is the key to crack the exam.

If wondering how to prepare, Life in the United Kingdom: A guide for New Residents is the handbook which contains all the necessary information needed to get through the exam easily.

However like every country UK too has some values and principles which people must understand and abide by in order to become a respected citizen of the place. The major ones include:

  • Active participation in community life
  • Abiding by the legal system
  • Following the democracy
  • Respecting religion and faith of individual communities
  • Freedom to live

Values and Principles in the Great Britain very much inculcate the history and traditions of the land. There are many laws, customs and expectations which help in protecting the same. When staying in Britain, intolerance or fanaticisms are virtues which must be stayed away from always.

After having acquired the citizenship for the UK, there are some things which must be followed by you strictly. These are

  • Respecting and obeying the law is mandatory
  • Should always respect the right of others including their individual right to opinions
  • All should be treated equally
  • Taking care of self and family is needed
  • You should always care for not just your home, but your area of residence and its environment and locality
  • You have full freedom to practice your beliefs and religion
  • You have full liberty of speech
  • You will never be treated unfair or discriminated in any way
  • You have full right to free trial in case of any legal disputes
  • As a permanent citizen you can take part in the elections of the government

Note: You must know what vow you have to take to acquire permanent citizenship for the UK and why passing Life in the UK Test can prove helpful as a citizen of this country.

Before becoming a citizen of UK you must

Know how to read, and speak English and must also score the passing marks in Life in the UK test to show you are eligible. After having completed both the above things you can then go ahead to fill the form and submit the fees that's appropriate.

Note: In order to know what test you must take, you must submit documents which act like a proof of your language skills. And make sure you are aware about how to take Life in the UK test correctly.

For more help

There are websites which can also prove useful when preparing to become a citizen of the UK. These are

The UK Border agency's website, can offer detailed information about how the application must be submitted and what all forms must be attached along with the application.

Another website of Life in the UK Test, which is, Can help in knowing more about the test and also how you can register and prepare for the same.

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