A Long and Illustrious History Study Guide

Britain during the Early Britain period comprised mainly of three ages; Stone Age, Bronze Age and the Iron Age

The Stone Age

Its believed that around 10,000 years back Britain was connected with the continent of Europe. People at that time mainly had occupation of hunting and gathering and were known to follow herds of horses and deer which helped in managing food and clothing.

It's said that it was not before 6000 years back that the first farmers came to Britain. The immigration of farmers led to the building of monuments, houses and tombs an example being the Stonehenge in Wiltshire. Another place which is referred to be the best persevered prehistoric place from Britain includes the Skara Brae on Orkney located at the north coast of Scotland. This village dates back to the Stone Age.

The Bronze Age

It began around 4000 years back when people learned how to make Bronze. Many beautiful objects including tools, ornaments and weapons were crafted from bronze during this time with the use of gold as well. People during this time lived in roundhouses and the culture of living together in the villages started becoming popular.

The Iron Age

Iron Age began when people learned how to make tools and weapons out of iron. The size of villages started getting bigger and during this era many castles for defense like the Maiden Castle in Dorset were built. During this period people communicated in a type of Celtic language which bears resemblance to Welsh and Gaelic. As the economy started developing the first coins ever were started producing in Britain.

To know more; learn where the first farmers came from to Britain and how Skara Brae proved useful to archeologists in learning about early Britain. Also, try to know where the dead were buried during the Bronze Age and what the major occupations of people were during the Iron Age.

The phase called Early Britain consisted of The Stone Age, the Bronze Age, the Iron Age, the Romans, the Anglo Saxons, the Vikings, and the Norman Conquest.

The phase called Middle age majorly consisted of the War period, the Black Death, changes and reforms in the legal and political system of the country, the time when Britain acquired a distinct identity and the famous wars of the Roses.

Tudors and Stuarts in Britain consisted of Religious Conflicts, the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, Reformation in Scotland, and Mary Queen of Scots. Also included during this era were exploration, poetry and drama, James IV and I. Formation of Ireland, The rise of the parliament, the start of the English Civil War, Oliver Cromwell and the English Republic, the Restoration. Coming of a catholic king and the Glorious Revolution are some other things associated majorly with this period.

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