A Long and Illustrious History Test 4

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What was the name of the JET that developed in the UK and is capable of taking off vertically?

What was Sir Christopher Cockerell invented in the 1950s ?

William of Orange was a Protestant ruler of _______.

What was the reason for uncertainty over the succession to the throne during the reign of Queen Anne?

What right to woman was awarded in 1870 and 1882 according to the Acts of Parliament ?

What is "the Enlightenment" ?

In the Middle Ages what type of stories are depicted in the stained glass windows of many cathedrals?

A conflict in which of these areas in the 1990s involved British troops?

In 1688, Protestant leaders in England asked William of Orange to invade England and proclaim himself as the king.

Was it true, that Henry VIII continued his father’s work to centralise the administrative powers of England.

Catholics feared the growing power of the Puritans due to which a rebellion was formed in Ireland during the reign of Charles I.

Was it TRUE or FALSE?

The Saxon king Harold was defeated by William, Duke of Normandy, at the Battle of Hastings.

National culture and identity’s emergence resulted in which "Age" ?

What was the reason for more castles to be built in the period of the middle Ages in Britain and Ireland?

Mary, James II’s elder daughter was married to _______________.

Under the system of feudalism, the kings offered land to the in exchange of which the landowners had to send men to serve in the army in return. [True or False]

What was name of the South American country that invaded the Falkland Islands in 1982, and this lead to Britain dispatching a task force to retake the territory?

When did king Charles II die ?

The radio telescope Sir Bernard Lovell built at Jodrell Bank in Cheshire was for many years the biggest in the world and continues to operate today.

What was the function of the carding machine that was improved by Richard Arkwright?

Under whom, the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms in England united to defeat the Vikings ?

In the English language, the words cow, apple and summer are descendant of Anglo-Saxon words.

During the Second World War there had been significant changes to the ____ system and people wanted more social changes when the war came to an end.

Name the first wife of Henry VIII, who had six wives altogether.