A Long and Illustrious History Test 13

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Is the statement below TRUE or FALSE?

The Education Act or The Butler Act of 1944 was introduced to facilitate free secondary education in England and Wales.

Complete the following sentence: The Northern Ireland Assembly that was elected in 1999, was suspended in 2002. In which year was it reinstated again?

St Paul’s Cathedral was destroyed by fire in 1666. It was redesigned again. Who redesigned it?

Is the statement below TRUE or FALSE?

Plays and poems of William Shakespeare are still popular today.

Richard Arkwright who was the famous wig maker switched to some other industry when there was a slump in the wig business. Which business did he switch to?

Who was the conservative Prime Minister responsible for having given speech ‘wind of change’ on Independence and decolonisation of the British Empire?

Is the statement below TRUE or FALSE?

Elizabeth I died in 1613.

Which of the following statements is correct?

Which religion dominated Ireland during the Elizabethan period?

During the First World War which of these countries did not take side with the allied Powers?

When Charles II was restored to the throne what wish did he express?

From which country did the Boers come and settled?

Who was the first man to be called The Prime Minister?

In which year did the Scottish Parliament abolish the authority of the Pope?

Is the statement below TRUE or FALSE?

Sake Dean Mahomet came to Britain in 1782 and served in the British army.

Which of the following statements is true?

During the 16th century, a Protestant Church of Scotland with an elected leadership was established. In what way did this differ from the church of England?

Is this statement TRUE or FALSE?

The French Empire became the largest Empire in the world during Queen Victoria’s reign.

Which of the following statements is correct?

What establishment did Sake Dean Mahomet open in George street in 1810 after he returned to England at the turn of the century?

From the following statements which one about Britain under Margaret Thatcher’s government is NOT true?

What are the factors that stimulated growth of Industrial Revolution in Britain?

Anglo-Saxon kingdoms were established in Britain by around AD 600.

In which Battle did William III defeat James II, that is celebrated in the Northern Ireland even these days?