UK Government, The Law and Your Role Test 9

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What is the procedure for updating of electoral registers?

Where can we find Information on National Insurance Contributions?

The term ‘Judiciary’ implies entire legal system, courts and laws of the country.

The UK is not a member of which of the following?

What should the minimum age of a School governor or members of the school board?

The Commonwealth can suspend its members.

What activities are the police forbidden to do?

All adult citizens of the UK can exercise their franchise.

Which of the following is not a roles of the Queen?

The electoral registers are not found in one of these places. Which place is that?

Chief Constables of police are independent of government.

In 1918, what was the minimum age required for women to cast vote?

What symbol must a newly qualified driver display on his vehicle for 1 year in Northern Ireland ?

In which of the areas The Scottish Parliament is empowered to make laws ?

In the UK, who are not treated equally?

What did hereditary peers lose in 1999?

How many members do The Council of Europe comprise of?

Citizens of other EU states who are adults may exercise their voting rights in General Elections.

Out of the following which is one of the role of the Speaker?

A citizen of another EU country can contest for an MP in UK.

There are Charities which extend help and assistance to many. Which of the following groups receive charity from such organisation?

Which of these statements is correct?

What does the polling officers at polling stations enquire of the voters at the time of voting?

In Wales the National Assembly makes laws in 20 areas. Which areas are not included in the list of 20?

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