UK Government, The Law and Your Role Test 7

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Which responsibilities do the UK citizens have?

Prior to the formation of the Northern Ireland Assembly, did the Northern Ireland have a Parliament?

Never in the past UK government has exercised its power to suspend a devolved assembly.

Which of the following sectors are controlled byDevolved administrations?

Who are elected in a General Election?

In which way parents can help in schools?

Which country joined the EU in 2013?

Police and Crime Commissioners are not responsible for one of the following. Identify the same.

Is Income Tax automatically imposed on the income of every individual?

Right to vote is also known as :

European Convention on Human Rights allows Freedom of expression as one of its principles.

Income from which of the following sources is not Taxable?

How many permanent members does the Security Council have where UK is also a permanent member?

What are the benefits of understanding and following British values and responsibilities?

What mandatory information required to be entered in an electoral registration form?

Can verdict be given in a situation of ‘not proven’ case?

Welsh Assembly building was opened in the year:

How many local authorities are there in London?

Which of the following countries do not have a devolved government?

For the sake of self-defence a person can carry a weapon and this is legally permitted.

Possessing a National Insurance Number entitles the person to work in the UK.

Which of the following statements is correct?

The police is not supposed to protect and help people who are not UK citizens.

Who is the ceremonial head of the Commonwealth?

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