UK Government, The Law and Your Role Test 6

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Since when the Prime Minister is empowered for nominating life peers to the House of Lords?

Out of the following offences which ones are dealt in Magistrate court rather than in Crown court?

Though having a Driving license that are invalid in UK, how long it may take for a person to pass a driving test and get a full UK License to be able to drive?

All the members of the Commonwealth were a part of the British Empire earlier.

A new citizen is supposed to swear an oath to the Queen. Which of the following to be sworn as?

Hospitals often require blood donated from willing people for the treatment of ill or injured.

Individual registration system in UK is operated in

Which is the year, when Northern Ireland Assembly was established?

Which among the following is the best way to help your community?

Of what minimum age one should be in order to buy tobacco in any form?

How many members are there in The Scottish Parliament?

What is the meaning of ‘God Save the Queen’?

What role does the opposition enjoy?

As per UK law, what best can you expect from the Government?

What is the name of the system adopted for electing MPs?

A new citizen need to affirm that he or she will be faithful to the Queen and her heirs if they do not want to swear to God.

Complaints against police cannot be registered to one of the following bodies. Which is that?

Where can you call or write to your MP or visit him in connection with any work?

Which of these statements do you think is correct?

Laws in UK does not apply to private life.

Is arranged marriage allowed and accepted in the UK?

How frequently is Prime Minister’s Questions held?

Where is the Scottish Parliament located?

Who decides the Penalty at the time of hearing of verdict in a Crown Court?