UK Government, The Law and Your Role Test 4

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What minimum age is required for a person willing to contest for public office?

Which of the following statements do you think is correct?

Is the statement below TRUE or FALSE?

Income tax is payable for all the servicesectors such as education, roads and the armed services.

What are the reasons for conducting ballots privately in polling booths?

In your opinion which of the following is more appropriate?

What kind of monarchy exists in UK?

In which year is the Welsh Assembly and the Scottish Parliament formed?

Is the following statement TRUE or FALSE?

The website for the Northern Ireland’s Electoral Office is

How should one enlist his/her name in the electoral register?

By moving a campaign, a newspaper’s owner may try to influence government policy.

Out of the following actions,which action is not considered to be a crime?

Which of the following statements do you think is correct?

Indicate which of the following is correct?

What are the roles and responsibilities of a civil servant?

Which of the following statements is correct?

Who is responsible in a Crown Court to give verdict of ‘guilty’?

Is Scottish Parliament empowered to make laws affecting education?

The Prime Minister owns the responsibility for making all the acts in Parliament.

Since when did the democratic voting system start in the UK?

Out of the following what is the mandatory requirement for owning cars or motorcycles in UK?

What must be the minimum age to be able to drive a car or motorcycle?

We can have information about different political parties from their own respective websites.

Indicate which is correct?

In which of the following areas voluntary activities can be taken up?