UK Government, The Law and Your Role Test 12

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People willing to take a tour of Senedd are assisted by the service booking team in the assembly. How is the assistance given?

Members of the House of Lords are elected by a constituency.

Which of the following can provide related assistance when required?

When are the adult citizens of the Irish Republic, the Commonwealth and other EU states attain eligibility to vote in local authority elections in the UK?

Female genital mutilation, or female circumcision, is an offense in the UK.

What is the name of the treaty that formed the European Economic Community?

Are voter registrations forms printed in English?

New citizens need to swear or ______ loyalty to the Queen.

What is the procedure for selection of the Speaker?

Police is the only authority who can punish for a crime.

Which of the following is NOT supposed to be a core value of the Commonwealth?

The Houses of Parliament are a World Heritage Site.

When was the first election for Police and Crime Commissioners conducted in England and Wales?

Which of the statements is most appropriate?

Can the leader of the opposition ever become Prime Minister?

Which of the following is NOT in the list of activities of the United Nations?

Which among the following is NOT connected to the government?

In which year did UK join the EEC?

Which department maintains the details about small claims procedures?

Who are the people not eligible to stand for public office?

Living persons are not found to donate an organ.

Which type of cabinet is appointed by the leader of the opposition?

What is the function of a polling station or polling place?

Devolved administrations do not have a civil service.

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