UK Government, The Law and Your Role Test 11

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Is the Council of Europe empowered to make new laws?

Can a girl be send abroad for circumcision or cutting. Is it legally supported?

Which of the following is located at Holyrood in Edinburgh?

In case your local electoral registration office is not located at your local council, in which country should you look for it?

Which of the following buildings located in Cardiff Bay hosts the AM’s meet?

How many MLAs are elected to the Northern Ireland Assembly?

What is the other name for district council or county council?

Which of the following is not a core value of the civil service?

What should be the minimum age to be able to drive a moped?

Voter registration system in a part of the UK is different from others. Indicate which part is it?

Who can lodge a complaint against the police?

Who are termed as the opposition?

Which one of the following issues is not a responsibility of school governors and school boards?

Is it legally acceptable to force someone to marry?

Who directs the Police force?

Excluding Scotland, how many members do a jury has?

Since which year did the Members of the Northern Ireland Assembly have worked together successfully?

Indicate which devolved assembly was suspended several times?

Who funds the local authorities?

How many MPs can be appointed to the cabinet by The Prime Minister?

Who amongst the following cannot be charged with domestic violence if committed?

Which of the following powers is enjoyed by the House of Lords?

Voting age for men and women was lowered to 18. In which year was it done?

If anyone suffers from domestic violence who can be allowed for intervention?

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