UK Government, The Law and Your Role Test 10

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Who is the head of state?

Name of the world’s most famous Magistrates Court is The Old Bailey.

How many Assembly members are there in the National Assembly for Wales?

All MPs represent one of the main political parties.

The Prime Minister is also a Member of Parliament.

In the House of Commons who is person authorised to chair debates?

What rights do the adult citizens enjoy because of the democratic Government?

The only method of voting is to cast vote in person at a polling station or polling place.

Which of the following statements is correct in respect to the Senedd?

How often should a car of over three years old,be subjected to have MOT test?

Are the Local authorities formed from election?

Which one of the following groups did enjoy voting rights during the beginning of the 19th century?

In order to cast vote during election, where should one register his name?

Which of the statements is more appropriate?

Contribution for which of the following is done by National Insurance Contributions?

Excluding Scotland, disputes in which of these areas are dealt in a County Court?

Formerly, The European Union was known as the European Economic Community.

There exist no differences between the court systems of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

The official home of the Prime Minister is in

Life peers are appointed by the monarch.

Who is the final decision maker on verdicts and sentences in a Magistrates Court?

How can the people who are unable to go to polling stations exercise their franchise?

Under which area of the law, Housing, debt, employment and consumer rights are covered?

Hearing of the accused of which age group is done in the Youth Courts?