UK Citizenship Practice Test 2

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Towns, cities and rural areas in the UK are governed by democratically elected ______.

Is the statement below True or False.

The Vikings came from Denmark and Norway.

What was the symbol of the House of Lancaster?

Which was the last successful Foreign invasion witnessed by England?

Where is the Welsh Assembly located?

Where is the the capital city of Wales ?

Who commissioned the "Domesday Book"?

Who defeated the Vikings ?

Who was Geoffrey Chaucer ?

Who is the leader of the political party in power ?

What is the system of government in the UK ?

When was the scottish parliament formed ?

What is the official home of the Prime Minister ?

How often are general elections held in the UK?

The second-largest party in the House of Commons is called ________.

Who is the head of state of the UK?

Is the statement below True or False.

In 1348, a disease, probably a form of plague, came to Britain. This was known as the Black Death.

Who was first person in England to print books using a printing press ?

Debates in the House of Commons are chaired by _______

Who won the Battle of Hastings in 1066?

In which year did the plague disease ‘Black Death’ occur?

What are members of the House of Lords known as ?

What was one of the most famous battles of the Hundred Years War ?

When did the Middle ages start?