UK Citizenship Practice Test 13

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Britain’s war against who was given a First time coverage by the media with Photos and details in the Newspapers and magazines?

Which of the two statements are correct?

In which year Minister of Health Mr. Aneurin Bevan set up the National Health Service which allowed free treatment for all in the UK?

In which year was Union Jack created?

Queen Elizabeth II is the Queen of how many Countries?

Identify the name of the World famous right handed English Cricketer of many Test matches played world over in the 20th century.

In which year the Saxon King ‘Harold’ was killed by William, the Duke of Normandy?

Is the following statement True or False.

World renowned play writer William Shakespeare was actually born in the Netherlands.

Which of the following statements are correct?

Which of the British overseas territories is reported to experience unbelievable and unanswered eerie facts?

Which TWO of the countries are British Overseas Territories?

Which TWO categories of people are shown gratitude with some Gifts on the Boxing Day ?

Which TWO statements are correct?

Which British personality was an acclaimed actor of Shakespearean role after whom an award is designated?

Who was Boudicca?

Where in the UK does PROMS take place?

What is the name of the Gallery in London, where work of many famous persons are restored?

After the WW2 because of shortage of workmen, many farms were engaged in importing overseas workers. Where in the UK most of such organisations were established?

Which overseas population having migrated to England, during late 17th Century permanently established in England and developed the Silk industry?

Robert Clive’s fight against which Indian ruler and defeating him at the same time initiated total British rule in India?

With which is the Term ROYAL ASCOT associated.

What was the overall approximate population of the British Empire in India, Australia and Africa?

What was the name of the person who was successful in turning Public opinion against Slave Trade?

Who was Edward the Confessor?

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