UK Citizenship Practice Test 11

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How many constituencies are there in whole of the UK for which MPs are elected?

William Henry Beveridge who was also a First Baron Beveridge and an internationally renowned person for his report ‘Beveridge Report’. What was the report about?

Is the statement below True or False.

Once you become a citizen of the UK, it does not fall as mandatory to maintain laws and rules of the country and you can do or act as per your own will and wish.

Around which period establishment of Anglo-Saxon kingdoms were noted in Britain?

which of the following statement is correct ?

In the 2009 Citizenship Survey, What is the percentage of people identified themselves as Christian ?

In spite of James-II being in exile, he received support from a specific group of people in Scotland. What is the name of the group?

What was the reason for which Henry VIII was very much eager to divorce Lady Catherin?

What is the name of the Neolithic establishment discovered by the archaeologists that are thought to be older than 3000 BC?

Is the statement TRUE or FALSE.

In 1801, Ireland became unified with England, Scotland and Wales after the Act of Union of 1800.

The Anglo-Saxons were not Christians when they first came to Britain.

Who wrote the Harry Potter series of children’s books ?

Who is the English Doctor having invented the famous Antibacterial Drug became world famous penicillin and received Nobel Prize?

What was the name of the Battle in which Duke of Wellington fought with Napoleon and also defeated him?

What is the current Jewish population in the UK?

From the list of countries identify the one that was an overseas part of British Empire during Queen Victoria’s reign?

Why is the emblem of Welsh Dragon not seen in the Union Flag?

Is the following statement TRUE or FALSE?

Discrimination in regard to Age, Sex, Disability are issues not to be discussed with anyone, and in case any such matters crop up the same are to be resolved at personal level, since, in the UK assistance from the Police or the Judiciary cannot be expected.

Is the statement TRUE or FALSE?

People over 75 can apply for a free TV licence and blind people can get a 50% discount.

During whose reign, the Royal Society was formed to promote ‘natural knowledge’.

Indicate the name of the terrible Battle fought in 1916 in which the figure of casualties of British soldiers on the very first day was more than 60,000?

What is the name of the organisation which owes responsibility for prevention of war and establishment of Global peace?

In 1860, Who established the Nightingale Training School for nurses at St Thomas’ Hospital in London.

Is the statement TRUE or FALSE?

Parliament Democracy prevails in the British system of Government.